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    After a long underground journey through the ice of perennial glaciers, Surgiva’s water is sourced from a high-altitude Artesian spring in the heart of the Adamello Brenta National Park, Trentino, Italy. The heart of the Italian Alps.

    Bottled only in clear glass, this super-premium water is highly acclaimed by international chefs for its absolute purity, its taste and mouthfeel. Thanks to its extraordinary lightness and super low TDS & Sodium levels, this water is specially sourced for venues which demand the absolute best for their guests. The importance of a super-high quality water when pairing with fine food and wine cannot be understated and for this reason Surgiva is sought after by some of the best chefs in over 30 countries.

    Now this incredible water is available in Australia, where the most discerning palates can enjoy one of the world's very best waters.