Voreia Handcrafted Beer
Voreia Handcrafted Beer sirisbrewery.gr

These handcrafted beers are craft beers of the finest reputation. Brewed by hand at the Siris Microbrewery in Northern Greece they exemplify the passion of the Greek people and their commitment to eating and drinking well. Produced in the land of Alexander the Great and created from a traditional family recipe they use only the finest hops and malted barley. These beers are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. The Pilsner is a golden ale of exquisite quality and depth. with a crispness and good length to its palate. The IPA is handcrafted from the finest quality American hops and three types of malt. With an amber colour, rich aroma of citrus and conifer and a long lasting aftertaste, it is world class. The Wit Beer is handcrafted from a traditional Belgian recipe. Coriander and orange are combined with Greek wheat and malted barley to produce a magnificent white beer with a slight sweetness and a clean, crisp palate. The stout is a Greek roasted chocolate ale, handcrafted from six different types of malt, the finest American hops and local Greek barley. It has a velvet mouthfeel with hints of chocolate, coffee and caramel and a rich mouth-filling aftertaste.

Voreia Range

Fix Hellas Lager Beer
Fix Hellas Lager Beer fix-beer.gr

A historic Greek beer with a huge following in Greece. Soft in flavour with balanced bitterness the premium lager has a gentle but long-lasting aftertaste. This golden beer displays fresh apples and banana on the nose with 5.0% ABV.

Mythos Lager Beer
Mythos Lager Beer carlsberggroup.com

This light golden-coloured lager has a pleasantly citrus note on the nose, and a little hint of honey, as well as a nice hoppy freshness. On the palate it is quite creamy textured, and is enjoyable. Balanced and slightly sweet, it is smooth and not too fizzy, 4.7% ABV.

Volkan Santorini Beers
Volkan Santorini Beers volkanbeer.com

The Pilsner and the Black Wheat Lager are made with exotic hops, Santorini honey and Citrus Medica all added at specific stages of brewing for an aromatic and thoroughly delicious beer. Lava-rock filtered water is used in the brewing process of both. These beers are pure Santorini.