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Aqua Sano is an Australian based premium beverage importer, wholesaler and distributor with offices in Adelaide and Melbourne. We offer an exceptional range of local and imported premium beverages to clients throughout Australia.

We are the proud suppliers of quality beverages including Cape Grim Natural Water, Voreia Handcrafted Beers, Fix beer and Chios Gardens fruit juices. Navigate our website for information on just some of our amazing products.

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Here at Aqua Sano we believe that the water you serve is as important as the wine and the food. As demand moves away from mass-market, inexpensive options in the traditional beverage categories, the same too is happening with water. Australia offers some of the best water options in the world, and venues are recognising the demand for local, premium quality water. At Aqua Sano we have chosen two of Australia’s best waters based on reputation and quality.

Cape Grim Natural Water
Cape Grim Natural Water

Cape Grim Natural Water is the purest rain water known to man. Sourced from the pristine skies of northwest Tasmania, this exquisite water is reserved for venues who demand the absolute best.

With an unrivalled presentation, mouthfeel and purity, this water is soft, neutral and complements the finest food. There is no better water in the known world and we are proud to supply the best South Australian and Victorian venues with this amazing water.

Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs
Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs

Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs is a certified natural mineral water from the idyllic Daylesford region of Victoria. Pure and exceptional in quality, it contains mineral salts in concentrations ranking it amongst the best in the world. A premium water, naturally carbonated and with a brilliant mouthfeel.


Aqua Sano offer both local and imported juice options.

Chios Gardens
Chios Gardens

Only the best quality citrus is gently handpicked from the citrus fields of magnificent Greece to make these juices. The beautiful Mediterranean climate soaks the fields and gives these juices incredible flavour and sweetness. Chios Gardens are known in Greece as the best quality juices available. All contain 100% pure natural fruit juice and nothing else. There are no concentrates and no additives. After being handpicked the fruit is juiced within a state of the art facility on the idyllic island of Chios, known for it’s world class produce and hospitable people. Taste some today and see why Chios Gardens is renowned all over the world for producing world class juice.

Chios Gardens Range

  • Chios Gardens Premium Orange Juice (with pulp)
  • Chios Gardens Premium Orange Juice (without pulp)
  • Chios Gardens Premium Mandarin Juice
  • Chios Gardens Premium Mixed Fruits Juice (Apple, Orange and Peach)

Local Juices

Wild 1 Beverages and Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs both create an exceptional range of local fruit juices which we proudly supply throughout South Australia. Contact us for further details.

Soft Drinks

Aqua Sano provide a range of local soft drink and flavoured mineral water options.

Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs
Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs

These flavoured mineral waters begin with the pure mineral water from the idyllic Daylesford region of Victoria. With a great range of popular flavours, perfect levels of carbonation and real fruit juice, these are classic yet contemporary.

They are a popular choice for venues wanting great quality, local drinks that taste amazing. The Organic range are Australian Certified Organic and the Organic Tonic Water is recognised in the industry as one of the best.

WILD 1 Beverages
WILD 1 Beverages

These flavoured mineral waters use water sourced from natural springs in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales. With a range of real fruit flavours, these lightly carbonated drinks are a great addition to cocktails and amazing on their own. They have an exceptional range of organic flavours and have been taking Australia by storm.

Beer & Cider

Aqua Sano offer a range of imported and local beer and cider options. We are the exclusive importers of Voreia Handcrafted Beers in Australia, handmade by one of the newest award winning microbreweries in Europe. This award winning beer is available Australia wide and is receiving amazing reviews.

Aqua Sano also offer other award winning imported beers including Fix Hellas Lager, Mythos Lager, Volkan Santorini Blonde and Volkan Santorini Dark.

For those who prefer local craft beer we offer a changing selection of the best craft beers produced by local beer lovers.

Voreia Handcrafted Beer
Voreia Handcrafted Beer

These handcrafted beers are craft beers of the finest reputation. Brewed by hand at the Siris Microbrewery in Northern Greece they exemplify the passion of the Greek people and their commitment to eating and drinking well. Produced in the land of Alexander the Great and created from a traditional family recipe they use only the finest hops and malted barley. These beers are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. The Pilsner is a golden ale of exquisite quality and depth. with a crispness and good length to its palate. The IPA is handcrafted from the finest quality American hops and three types of malt. With an amber colour, rich aroma of citrus and conifer and a long lasting aftertaste, it is world class. The Wit Beer is handcrafted from a traditional Belgian recipe. Coriander and orange are combined with Greek wheat and malted barley to produce a magnificent white beer with a slight sweetness and a clean, crisp palate. The stout is a Greek roasted chocolate ale, handcrafted from six different types of malt, the finest American hops and local Greek barley. It has a velvet mouthfeel with hints of chocolate, coffee and caramel and a rich mouth-filling aftertaste.

Voreia Range

  • Voreia Handcrafted Pilsner 5%
  • Voreia Handcrafted India Pale Ale 7%
  • Voreia Handcrafted Wit Beer 7%
  • Voreia Handcrafted Stout 6%
Fix Hellas Lager Beer
Fix Hellas Lager Beer

A historic Greek beer with a huge following in Greece. Soft in flavour with balanced bitterness the premium lager has a gentle but long-lasting aftertaste. This golden beer displays fresh apples and banana on the nose with 5.0% ABV.

Mythos Lager Beer
Mythos Lager Beer

This light golden-coloured lager has a pleasantly citrus note on the nose, and a little hint of honey, as well as a nice hoppy freshness. On the palate it is quite creamy textured, and is enjoyable. Balanced and slightly sweet, it is smooth and not too fizzy, 4.7% ABV.

Volkan Santorini Beers
Volkan Santorini Beers

The Pilsner and the Black Wheat Lager are made with exotic hops, Santorini honey and Citrus Medica all added at specific stages of brewing for an aromatic and thoroughly delicious beer. Lava-rock filtered water is used in the brewing process of both. These beers are pure Santorini.


Aqua Sano offer a portfolio of carefully selected wines from Australia, New Zealand and Greece. With a range of award winning wineries we can add depth and regional variation to the most extensive of wine lists. Contact us for further information of the range of wines available.

We’re very proud to offer the range of wines from two of Greece’s most awarded vineyards. Alpha Estate and Domaine Sigalas have transformed the world’s perception of Greek wine. Whilst Australia is blessed with countless amazing wineries, no wine list is truly complete without a selection of wines from one of these award winning labels.

Australian Wines

International Wines